What Does Tumai Have To Offer?


School Fees Payments.

Instead of sending school fees home and your family going to the bank or a merchant and queueing unnecessarily for cash, Tumai presents our School Fees Payment system. A payment for school fees can be made through the sending partner or via VISA and MasterCard the web portal to a registered educational institution. The required information from the sender is:

  • The pupil’s Student ID.

The institution will receive the funds directly with the with the student ID included in the reference allowing for the students account to be credited immediately.

Bill Payments.

Paying your loved ones’ utility bills has never been easier. Through the VISA and MasterCard platforms or our agent partners’ POS device, customers will be able to select the utility bill they wish to pay for and make instant payments. The receiver will be issued with a token or confirmation of the payment on their mobile phone allowing them immediately enjoy a host of services offered in Zimbabwe.

The following services are available:

How Does Tumai Work?

Tumai Works In Two Ways

method one
method two


Instead of recipients queueing for endless hours for money to purchase goods or services, our unique system provides a seamless shopping experience in two ways:

  • The sender can select and purchase goods or services directly for their loved ones from a registered Tumai merchant. After the goods have been purchased, the receiver will be sent a unique voucher which they use to collect the purchased goods at the merchant’s outlet; or;
  • The sender can purchase a voucher for a certain value which will be sent to the receiver. The receiver will then be able to purchase goods of their choosing for the value of the voucher at a registered merchant’s outlet.

Why Tumai?

Picture a typical month-end in the heart of Harare, winding queues at remittance agencies, shops full to the brim with customers, utility bill payments stalled because the network has dropped. Chaos, congestion and inconvenience all around. Frustrations and tensions continuously rise. This is why Tumai offers a unique experience for your loved ones by ensuring that they receive:

  • goods and services from registered merchants,
  • payment of utility bills and
  • school fees payments.

It’s hard enough to be apart from your loved ones especially in such trying times, Tumai aims to bridge the gap and give you and them convenience at the touch of a button.