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What is Tumai?

Tumai is a cutting-edge value remittance service which assists people living abroad with making direct payments for goods and services on behalf of their loved ones in Zimbabwe. Tumai is designed to offer convenience to both the diaspora community and the families they support.

What does Tumai do?

Tumai allows customers living in the diaspora to make payments on behalf of their families for goods, services and utilities in Zimbabwe. Instead of a customer sending money for a good or service to their relative, Tumai facilitates direct payment of the service from the customer’s location.


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Where can one access Tumai?

Remittances have never been easier with Tumai. Our WebApp allows customers to select the good or service they wish to send to their loved ones, create a purchase order and make a payment via our Visa or MasterCard gateway all from the ease of their home. The receiver will be provided with a confirmation of payment, a token or a voucher allowing them to immediately enjoy real value in Zimbabwe.

We have also partnered with leading international payment partners who assist us in providing our customers with the convenience of sending value to their family and friends with ease. Through our growing network, customers can access our services via digital channels or at physical locations where our partners will be prepared to assist them to continue to support those at home.

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